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09:45:54 PM

First thing's first. The old, boring name "rhs blog" had to go. My old blog is still there, but I first started thinking about renaming it, then decided to move to Blogsphere.

My own initial thought had been to adopt a name that related to the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, but several of you readers suggested doing something based on Spaceballs, and it eventually occurred to me that I could do both! My email signature has included "Never underestimate the power of The Schwartz" for years, so we start with the "power of The Schwartz". But what, exactly, is the power of The Schwartz? Clearly, it must be 42, which is the answer to the question of Life, The Universe, and Everything from the Hitchhiker's Guide. Being a bit of a math geek, it didn't take me very long to realize that if 42 is the power of The Schwartz, then the logarithm to the base Schwartz of Life, The Universe, and Everything must in fact be 42. It all becomes clear now, doesn't it? Hence the inscription "LogSchwartz(Life, The Universe And Everything) = 42" on the banner at the top of the page, and hence the window title of "The Power Of The Schwartz".

Hey! At least I kept six times nine base thirteen out of it

Now, as to the reason for the move to Blogsphere, the primary one of course is that my old blog was based on the FreeDom Blog template, which was unfortunately orphaned due to the fact that the original creator put a license agreement on it that prohibited redistributing modified versions, and he stopped supporting it himself quite a while ago. I had a bit of fun making my own modifications to it along the way, but there are lots of things that I wanted but never got around to, and Blogsphere has most of them already. It just makes sense. And besides, I'm speaking with Declan at Lotusphere 2005, and Blogsphere is Dec's baby.

To facilitate the move, I'm doing a number of things. First, I'm modifying the old blog's template so that every page will link prominently to this new blog's home page. Second, for at least a few weeks I'll be creating new entries in the old blog that mirror and point to new articles in this blog, and I'll update the old blog's RSS feed to include a message notifying subscribers of the change. After a month or so, I will disable the RSS feed in the old blog, but I'll keep the old blog running -- though probably with comments disabled. Finally, to make sure that things are at least indirectly cross-referenced, I've imported index entries from the old blog into pages in this new blog, which you can find by clicking on where my towel was in the About The Schwartz block at the upper right.

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1. Richard Schwartz12/14/2004 10:42:40 PM

This is a test reply.

2. David Bockes12/15/2004 09:06:32 AM

Nice job on the new blog.

3. jon johnston12/15/2004 09:22:52 AM

this looks great, Richard. Being an Adams kind of guy, I like the theme mixture.

4. Rob McDonagh12/15/2004 09:42:32 AM

Nicely done, sir!

5. Greyhawk6812/15/2004 10:45:45 AM

Welcome to the Blogsphere way One thing I like immensely is that now I can see your posts via RSS properly. Your old site seemed to require me to go to the web page to read the text of the articles, which kind of defeated the purpose of RSS in my opinion. Now I can see the full text of your articles... Bravo!

Congrats on the re-design!


6. Stan Rogers12/15/2004 10:52:55 AM

Punning "power". Now that's geeky. May you see nothing yellow on Thursdays.

7. Kitty12/15/2004 11:13:46 AM

Raising a Pan-Galatic-Gargle-Blaster to your new blog as we speak! It looks great.

8. Richard Schwartz12/15/2004 07:27:58 PM

Thanks all!

Greyhawk -- the lack of an article abstract in my old FreeDom Blog was due to the fact that when I first downloaded the template it wasn't dealing with HTML tags within article text properly... and I was too lazy to fix it so I just removed it from the feed


9. The Lion King (aka Ray J Bilyk)12/16/2004 11:27:57 AM

Great looking site! I've got to go out and get a "Hitchhiker's Guide for Dummies" book. I think that I'm missing some of the jokes!

10. Stan Rogers12/16/2004 01:56:30 PM

Do not, I repeat, do not do yourself that kind of disservice. The entire trilogy in five parts is a single-session read. It may take more hours than you had planned to spend, but it's not something you have to force yourself to pick up. (Oh, and it is definitely not appropriate, um, restroom reading unless your dwelling has redundant libraries .)

11. Joe Litton12/16/2004 09:39:08 PM

Rich, Very nicely done sir. I love the site name, the logo, everything. Very cool.

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