PermaLinkBlogsphere: No Conf_Ref_Block in profdoc [line 49]
07:36:30 AM

After doing the initial setup last night and posting the link to here from my old blog, I clicked on the link a couple of times.  This morning, eager to see whether anyone had dropped by, I checked the referrer views and -- much to my dismay -- they were empty.  I wondered what was going on.  Surely, someone must have clicked on the link in my old blog already.  Even not, surely my own clicks should have been recorded.

So, I checked the ACL, dug into the code a bit and then looked at the Domino log.  It didn't take me long to find this:

12/15/2004 07:32:56 AM  Agent message: No Conf_Ref_Block in profdoc [line 49]

The WebQueryOpen agent is looking for something in the configuration profile, and it isn't finding it, so it's stopping.  I had never even gone into the Referrer Blocking feature of the Blogsphere configuration, and it occurred to me that perhaps it needed to save a bit of default configuration info.  So, I clicked my way into it, clicked the Save button, and tried again.  Voila!  Problem solved.

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1. Kevin12/17/2004 10:16:56 AM

That's the exact problem I've been having with my blog! Thanks for the tip. Now it's fixed on mine as well.

2. cmoutlet12/03/2014 03:15:10 AM

3. dongdong803/06/2017 10:13:12 PM

4. chenlixiang08/11/2017 08:52:37 AM lauren.html

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