PermaLinkIs it a CSS problem or a template problem?
07:24:32 PM

If you click on any of the categories in the "Stories by Category" block, you will find yourself on a page that looks very much like this one, but there is a layout difference.  The block with a black background and the text "Welcome To The Personal Weblog of Richard H. Schwartz" followed by a newline and "Current Stories..." is being overlaid by block containing the story headers and contents.  Looking at the differences between the page source for the main page and the categorize page, I see some pretty significant differences... so at the moment I'm leaning toward thinking it's a template bug.  Have to look into it further.
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1. Chris Linfoot12/17/2004 05:55:03 AM

Could be but I don't see it in too many other Blogsphere blogs, including my own. I am leaning towards broken CSS myself.

2. Richard Schwartz12/17/2004 08:20:25 AM

Dunno. I think it's most probably both. The CSS is the same for both pages, yet they render differently. The organization of divs and spans, as set up by the template, is different for the two pages. Seems to me that that the nesting of divs and spans should probably be more consistent in order to allow a single CSS layout to work properly. But OTOH, when I laid out the CSS for the home page, I initially used the same "top" value for the left, right and main blocks in order to try and position them at the same level, just below the header graphic -- but they didn't line up until correctly. I had to fudge the values to get them to line up properly. Now it looks like the blocks on the categorized page requires an even bigger difference in the "top" value for the center block in order to get it to line up properly.


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