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11:26:07 AM

I noticed another Blogsphere problem.  I wasn't receiving any email notifications when comments were posted, even though I had it configured properly to send them.  I found the error and the fix by inspecting  the Notes log (thanks

12/16/2004 11:31:08 AM  AMgr: Agent ('Notify Blog Owner of New Comments' in 'web\blog\PowerOfTheSchwartz.nsf') error message: Couldn't get default View id for database (web\blog\poweroftheschwartz.nsf)

Opening up the template in Designer, selecting a view (I chose "Content\Stories", though I don't think it matters) and making it the default view for the database, and refreshing the design solved the problem.

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1. Bruce Elgort12/19/2004 12:44:54 PM

Your welcome Rich. Nice job on the "Power of the Schwartz" site. It does however need some more pictures of drums and cowbells.

2. Devin Olson12/21/2004 09:49:51 AM

Drums and cowbells eh? I got to play cowbell in a performance of Oyo Como Va (sp?) at church on Sunday. It was an absolute blast. Although I have no sense rythm, so I had to watch the lead guitarist's foot to tell me what the count was.

I know, this is off-topic, but Bruce started it.

3. jianbin01192101/19/2017 03:27:56 AM
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4. leilei391502/28/2017 02:17:58 AM

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