PermaLinkA New Community Resource For Notes And Domino Information
10:04:30 PM
I have put up a new site, built with a slightly modified Blogsphere template. I think that it could develop into something of interest to a lot of people. I hope you will link consider linking to it.

What I've done is taken some of the links from the resources page of my company web site, and put them into a modified Blogsphere database. They are organized into categories like "Notes And Domino Development", "Notes And Domino Administration", "Books And Magazines", etc., for easy navigation. In some cases, multiple related links are listed under one entry. Most importantly, anyone can enter comments about any particular link, anyone can suggest new resources to link, and anyone can subscribe to the site via RSS. That's what makes it a "community resource".

Please have a look at the new Notes And Domino Resources site, , tell me what you think about it, and start suggesting new resources that should be linked from it.

Oh, by the way... Pay a little attention to what happens to the second block in the left column as you navigate around the site. That's the part that required some modification to the BlogSphere template. A few things still need to be dealt with to make the switching of the block as seamless as I'd like. For example, I need to make some additional modifications before the site will be searchable. I'll get to that, and a few other things, in time.
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