PermaLinkCompare And Contrast: Exchange v. Domino
08:14:03 PM

This story of Exchange Hell, and it's sequel made the rounds back in October. I bring it up again because my friend and fellow Boston area Notes and Domino consultant Danny Lawrence of Tiassa Technologies pointed out the stark difference between David Gewirtz's experience trying to resuscitate an Exchange server after a disk failure, and Danny's own published report about a similar hardware failure in a Domino server at one of his customer sites. Catastrophic disk failure in both cases. One with thirteen days of users without access to their Exchange data and uncertainty about whether it could ever be recovered... versus no data loss and barely even a perceptible blip in user awareness that there was any problem at all.

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1. Jess Stratton01/04/2005 12:22:53 PM

It's that darn single copy object store again.
Ed had a topic about it awhile back here...

I said it then, I'll say it again now. When your Exchange object store won't mount and your transaction logs are corrupted, there just aren't enough TUMS in the world. And did I mention that was just from installing a Service Pack?

2. Danny Lawrence01/06/2005 10:58:28 AM

@Rich -- Thanks for the plug!

@Jess -- Not only is the object store a potential problem, but MSFT "Clustering" shares the disk array (or did at the time I wrote the article -- they may have fixed this particular misfeature), so if what happened to me (RAID controller failure) had happened to an Exchange server, even if it were clustered I'd have still been totally hosed.

3. jonvon01/06/2005 05:02:12 PM

we had a similar problem just a few weeks ago, corrupt data due to a SAN failure. we talked about the fact that if we'd been on exchange we'd have been toast.

as it was i was able to build a quick tool (about three hours work thanks to RAD design tools) to help figure out who had lost their inboxes, restore designs and so forth. a small set of databases out of thousands and the ones that were hosed weren't really that bad. we had them all back and running fine, one sunday's worth of work.

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