PermaLinkScoble: rel=nofollow Not Just for Comments. It is For Competitors. And For Scoble.
09:00:05 AM

As I mentioned yesterday Google has programmed it's spider to ignore links marked with rel='nofollow' when calculating page ranks, is encouraging other search engines to do the same, and is encouraging blog software developers to implement this as a deterrent to comment spam. Scoble points out that using rel='nofollow' allows you to write about and link to competitors without inadvertantly raising their page rank.

It seems to me, though, that it's not just commercial competitors that this applies to. And Scoble says so to. We regular bloggers can use rel='nofollow' in our articles when we link to other bloggers whose page ranks we don't want to raise. Case in point: Scoble and the other "A-List" bloggers. The blog-specific search engines will probably not change their rankings because of this, but the general search engines will. So, as a first step, I've applied the rel='nofollow' attribute to my link to Scoble. That should take about 0.000000001 point off his page rank. So much for the "Power of The Schwartz". It's not much, but it's a start ;-)

I wonder how many bloggers will bother to go back through all their old posts and add the rel='nofollow' attribute to links that they don't want to promote?

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1. Greyhawk6801/19/2005 11:18:47 AM

Well this would definitely help in the case of things like the Radicati situation! But as for going back and fixing all the old stuff... I'm too lazy for that


2. Richard Schwartz01/19/2005 11:32:48 AM

This may be a job for Ben's new Midas "Sara Ex-Links" product.


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