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Bus people are people who don't know how to fly. I first heard the phrase when riding an elevator at an airport with members of a couple of flight crews. I can't top Greyhawk's or the good Captain's stories, but flights to Orlando always have a few bus people, and I was sitting in the middle of a large pack of them on my flight down here. The fellow who got out his cell phone as soon as we pulled into the gate, and started making calls... that's not all that unusual, admittedly... but on speakerphone?? Come on! And when he called grandma's hospital room only to find that grandma had been discharged a few hours earlier, did he really have to keep it on speaker while he had a two minute conversation with the total stranger who was now occupying grandma's former room?? The follow-on calls to locate where grandma actually was, and then to grandma, were on speakerphone, too, and while listening I had to duck out of the way twice while nice lady in the seat one row in front reached across me to pull a coat, and then a laptop out of the overhead bin -- and they weren't even hers! She was doing a "favor" for the folks in the two inside seats in my row, who were sitting -- still sitting -- patiently, in no hurry to stand up since we clearly weren't going to move for a few minutes back in row 24 while the doors weren't even open yet. And when nice lady's two-seat-wide-but-one-seat-ticket son pointed out daylight coming in at the back of the cabin, she said "Oh. I guess we should go out that way. It's closer."

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