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03:06:06 PM

Last night was busy. Daniel Nashed, the fellow who made Domino for Linux run on an X-Box, and I drove together to Fulton's for the annual Penumbra dinner. I don't think I could have possibly guessed ten years ago, when I started the ball rolling toward the formation of Penumbra Group, that we'd still be having our annual dinners in 2005, not to mention having 70 people attend, including Lotus GM Ambuj Goyal (for cocktail hour only), Ed. Volker, Libby, Wild Bill and Lotus Software CTO Doug Wilson -- whom I had a very long chat with since we sat at the same table for the meal. This was really one of our best events. Our new board took office, this year's CULT shirts were unveiled, and outgoung board member Rob Novak and Liz Olsen, who met at our dinner three years ago. became engaged! Many other Penumbra bloggers, whose names you can see listed in the blogroll to the left, of course also attended.

After dinner, I drove back to the Dolphin and then hiked around the Boardwalk to ESPN to join the Gonzo party. I didn't get there until around 11:30, but there were still far too many people there for me to try to list. Turtle, of course, and many Domino bloggers and others of the usual suspects. I stayed for about an hour, but eventually ran out of steam. Unfortunately, there was still the long walk back to the Dolphin to deal with, but I slept well, and got a nice early start today.

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