PermaLinkTwo Days Before We Present, We Finally Meet Each Other
12:38:58 AM

I'm co-presenting with Declan Lynch on Tuesday, so perhaps it might surprise you that we'd never actually met until tonight. Or perhaps not; after all, we're presenting about a topic that advocates remote collaboration. There's some recursion going on. It's a case of the presenters using collaborative technology -- and only collaborative technology -- to develop a sesssion about collaborative technology. Between email, AIM, Skype, and a little bit of remote control screen sharing, we had no problem collaborating at all. Well... I can't really say no problem. A few issues of accent and idiom, exacerbated by latency and echoing in the Skype connection made it a little difficult the first time we got in touch, but it got much better the second time when there was much less latency and Declan switched from speakers and a microphone over to a headset, which eliminated the echo entirely.

Anyhow, tonight we finally met, and we talked about just about everything except our presentation ;-) We talked about football (Dec's a Steeler's fan, and not particularly happy about the outcome of the Patriots' game), politics, Star Trek, Battlestar Gallactica, Daleks... the usual kind of topics that geeks who've never met before need to cover in order to really get to know one another. And we talked about Domino and Lotusphere, too, but just a wee bit. There's going to be plenty of time for that tomorrow, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday ;-)

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