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02:26:10 PM

As long as we're starting rumors, let's go all the way. IBM is buying Groove. Not only that, but they planned this all along. They let word get out that there was a rift between Ray and IBM, which they knew would get Microsoft interested in getting very close to Groove, but it was all just a ploy and now Groove will come home to IBM, leaving Microsoft out in the cold.

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1. Richard Schwartz01/25/2005 01:00:17 AM

In case it wasn't obvious... this post was entirely tongue-in-cheek.

2. Nathan T. Freeman01/25/2005 05:35:56 AM

What a shame. That would be pretty bad ass, if a bit ridiculous. :)

3. Danny Lawrence01/25/2005 01:52:49 PM

Let's really crank up the rumors!!

In fact IBM's plan was to distance themselves from Groove specifically so that MSFT would invest. That way when he comes back he has an insight to the real state of collaberative software in Redmond.
Also they get the "Phase 2" funding of Groove done by MSFT, thus saving them the effort.

4. Ben Rose01/28/2005 03:36:01 AM

But I thought Workplace was just Groove wearing a different outfit

5. Ben Rose01/28/2005 03:58:46 AM

I've taken this one step further as I felt the need to blog about it my serious IBM/Groove relationship thoughts.

Link here

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