PermaLinkDomino 7 CPU Utilization Improvements Do Not Increase RAM Requirements
06:48:28 PM

We heard, in multiple sessions at Lotusphere, about the dramatic improvements in CPU utilization in Domino 7, but anyone who has significant experience with performance tuning is always wise to be suspicious of anything that is portrayed as a free lunch. No single aspect of system performance is ever likely to be improved in isolation from all others, and CPU and RAM are frequently traded off in what we call "time versus space" optimization. Using larger buffers and more aggressive caching in server software is a common technique for using more RAM to reduce I/O and CPU utilization, improving overall performance. So, in the Q&A following one of the sessions -- I'm pretty sure it was ID102, but it might have been ID103 -- I asked whether the improvement in CPU in D7 was traded off against increased RAM requirements. I was surprised that the answer was that RAM requirements for Domino 7 are the same as for Domino 6.5. I should point out that it was emphasized several times that the performance figures being quoted at 'sphere are still preliminary, but this is really great news. It is still entirely possible that in a real-life situation you may have to do something to improve I/O and/or bus performance in order to take full advantage of the the CPU improvement, but RAM will not be a new bottleneck.

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1. Paul Mooney01/30/2005 10:08:26 AM

I asked the same question in a Lab session and was happy to get the same answer. The gentleman I was speaking with could go into great detail on the improvement on the Linux platform scaleability, but not too much on the Win32 scaleability. Did you get any specifics on how the CPU performance gain was obtained on Win2k?

2. Richard Schwartz01/30/2005 11:02:59 AM

No, they didn't go into specifics. Whatever the magic poition they used is, I'd like to order a bottle of it or two for my own code


3. ylq jake08/17/2017 04:50:11 AM,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

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