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11:31:00 AM
Despite "cheating" at least slightly on my low-carb regimen on five out of seven days in Orlando -- and quite significantly on Wednesday and Thursday -- I managed to lose two pounds last week. I imagine all the walking between venues had a bit to do with it.
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1. Kevin01/31/2005 04:08:46 PM

I cheated on watching what I eat pretty much every day... and still dropped 5 pounds.

Yup. All that walking must really make a difference... maybe I should try excercising the rest of the year as well

2. Andrew Pollack01/31/2005 06:38:04 PM

STOP THE PRESSES! You mean to say that increasing the number of calories burned through excersize is an effective way to offset calories taken in through food?

Rich, I think you're on to something!

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