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09:33:26 PM

Check out this promotional video. I can't vouch for the product, but the video starring John Cleese as Dr. Twain Weck is hilarious. I'm pretty sure that it's Michael Dorn playing Dr. Twain Weck's boss, too.

I've got to admit... a promotional spot this creative does make me think that the company must be way cool and the product is probably worth checking out.

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1. Bruce Perry03/22/2005 10:37:13 PM

but did you press the third button?

2. Nathan T. Freeman03/23/2005 03:20:36 AM

I can confirm that it's Michael Dorn. I'd recognize that voice anywhere.

"If you were any other man, I would KILL YOU where you stand."

3. Danny Lawrence03/24/2005 04:36:06 PM

That is a funny promo, and I agree with Nathan, that is definitely Micheal Dorn.
Interestingly enough I just bought this:
to do backups, while I'd given up on tape a while ago my experiemnt with burning DVD's didn' cut it.

4. Kim11/05/2005 12:04:46 PM

Very well said. it is hilarious.

5. cmoutlet12/03/2014 03:15:02 AM

6. dongdong803/06/2017 10:08:05 PM

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