PermaLinkSupport for UTF-9 and UTF-18 in Blogsphere
10:02:25 AM

In order to make reading this blog possible on popular 36 bit computers such as the DEC PDP-10, DECSYSTEM-20, IBM 7044, and particularly the Honeywell 6180 running Multics, I have modified the RSS feed to support UTF-9 and UTF-18 character sets in XML, as per the RFC-4042 spec that was introduced today. I'm truly excited by the realization that the extra bit in each character of UTF-9 will make all of my posts 12.5% more interesting, and I look forward to seeing a dramatic increase in my readership as the users of these computing platforms finally have the opportunity to join the blogosphere.

I plan to submit the modified code to OpenNTF sometime soon. Some delay might be warranted in order to investigate the possibility of moving up to the UTF-11 spec currently being written by Nigel Tufnel (of St. Hubbins College at University of Stonehenge), but I promise to get it done before April 1, 2006.

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1. Rob McDonagh04/01/2005 05:51:47 PM


UTF-11 is a particularly nice touch...

2. 04/02/2005 12:50:59 PM

I feel left out -- what about my PDP-8? Are 12-bit, paper-tape-based systems no longer good enough???


3. Gary Roberts04/02/2005 05:24:28 PM

UPDATE: I just found the Fortran Compiler (on paper tape, of course) for my PDP-8!!!

Happy days are here again!


4. Richard Schwartz04/02/2005 07:45:22 PM

I guess it's time to write an RSS reader in Fortran


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