PermaLinkAfter All This Buildup...
06:57:06 PM

I actually won't be able to get to

The Hitchhiker's Guide To The Galaxy tonight. I'm a bit bummed, but no, I won't panic. I do have my towel, and my digital watch.

"So there you have it," said Slartibartfast, making a feeble and perfunctory attempt to clear away some of the appalling mess of his study. He picked up a piece of paper from the top of a pile, but then couldn't think of anywhere else to put it, so he put it back on top of the original pile which promptly fell over. "Deep Thought designed the Earth, we built it and you lived on it."

"And the Vogons came and destroyed it five minutes before the program was completed," added Arthur, not unbitterly. "Yes," said the old man, pausing to gaze hopelessly around the room. "Ten million years of planning and work gone just like that. Ten million years, Earthman, can you conceive of that kind of time span? A galactic civilization could grow from a single worm five times over in that time. Gone." He paused. "Well, that's bureaucracy for you," he added.

   Douglas Adams
   The Hitchhiker's Guide to The Galaxy

All things considered, after waiting more than twenty years, another night or two won't kill me.

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1. Wild Bill04/29/2005 07:25:34 PM

Ohhh but it will. Its goooood!

---* Bill

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