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Damien posted a note about this password generator that addresses the dilemma posed by the fact that using the same password for multiple web sites exposes you to tremendous risk but using a unique password for each site makes it hard to keep track of which password goes where. You put your "standard" password and the name of a site into the generator, and it generates a unique password for you. It all runs locally in JavaScript, so you're not trusting any server with all your password information, or relying on an add-in program that ties you to your own computer. A bookmarklet can automate the process. In a response on Damien's site I wondered whether a GreaseMonkey script might be a better way to automate it..

So, a couple hours later, over on Sam Ruby's blog, there it is: a link to the pwd Composer GreaseMonkey script. Also, a link to Jon Udell's screencast about this.

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