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10:51:38 PM

John Patrick is a 38-year IBMer, who retired in 2001 as Vice President of Internet Technology. Here's today's entry from his blog.

I won't say anything about Outlook Express -- the shortcomings there are well known. Outlook is supposed to be much more "industrial strength". I got somewhat spoiled after having used Lotus Notes at IBM from 1992 to 2002. It has it's own set of shortcomings for sure but it is unquestionably "industrial strength". After I retired from IBM at the end of 2001, I decided I should use Outlook since many of the people I interact with outside of IBM use it. Outlook definitely has some nice features and in some ways it is very intuitive and easy to use. There are a number of useful plugins for Outlook and in some ways Outlook is a highly remarkable piece of software -- especially Outlook 2003. In certain other areas it is a disaster.

The rest of the entry may not be quite as dramatic as the story of thirteen days in Exchange hell, but it does come pretty close:

At the end of the day Saturday Outlook was working. Although I had lost a day of valuable time, I was happy and relived it was working again. Sunday morning it was broken again but I had learned enough from MS Support to fix it myself -- in fact I fixed it several times on Sunday and again on Monday. Monday evening it was more badly broken and I couldn't fix it, even after spending quite a few hours on the phone with MS support Monday night and half of Tuesday. As of Wednesday, I believe everything was working and re-organized the way I want my data to be, but Friday to Wednesday was a major loss in productivity.

So, he's seen the error of his ways and if you read on to the end you'll see that he's all but decided to drop Outlook and move to Thunderbird. I'm not quite sure, however, why he thinks the fact that many other people use Outlook is a good reason for him to have abandoned Notes. Perhaps if one of the various organizations that offers Notes/Domino hosting were to contact him and give hime an opportunity to see how well ND6.5 interoperates with all those other people who use Outlook, he might consider returning to the fold.

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1. Tim Brown05/06/2005 10:42:21 AM

At the risk of professing my ignorance, I was very surprised when my Outlook-only friend from another organization began sending me meeting invitations, and my 6.5 client processed them perfectly. Accept/Decline, accounted for time zone differences, etc. Beautiful.

2. Richard Schwartz05/06/2005 10:55:38 AM

Pretty cool, huh!? To be honest, I don't know quite when that level of interoperability first arrived, but it's pretty nice.


3. outlook05/26/2005 03:03:18 AM

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5. Alicia Jones07/28/2006 08:43:21 PM

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