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10:15:38 AM
Written By : Richard SchwartzCategory : IBM
Location : Nashua, NH

I have set up a new page here.

IBM is big. Really big. You won't believe how vastly hugely mind-bogglingly big it is. So is the IBM web site. With the IBM web site being as mind-bogglingly big as it is, the chances of finding exactly what you are looking for within 30 seconds, which is roughly equivalent to the amount of time that a hitchhiking blogger can survive in a total information void, are two to the power of two hundred and seventy-six thousand, seven hundred and nine to one against.

With the recent announcement and corresponding publicity surrounding the announcement of IBM's new blogging initiative, one might think that the above-mentioned odds would be mitigated by an IBM web page containing a comprehensive index of information about IBM blogs and bloggers, but one would be wrong. At least as of now, there is no such page. It's enough to depress a brain the size of Blue Gene, actually. What is needed is a directory of IBM blogs, with the words "Don't Panic" inscribed in large friendly letters on the front cover. Unfortunately, this is a web page, and we have no front cover and we can't really inscribe anything. But we can use HTML.

If IBM does surprise me and create an index of all IBMer blogs, then there will be no reason for me to maintain my own guide. I'm not expecting that, however, because if IBM would do that they might compromise the separation they are trying to create between official communications and employee blogs. So, if this page lives on, so be it.. Please help me by contributing information if you know of any IBM employee blogs that I'm missing. I'm sure I'm missing lots of them.

Update:The page has been moved out of my blog database. It's now in a small DomCMS-based site of it's own.

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1. Ben Langhinrichs05/17/2005 11:40:32 AM

You might want to add either a feedback link, or at least some way for people to add their blogs without your intervention, as the 300,000 or so IBMers who don't currently have a blog might all start wondering what to do, and they might ignore the Don't Panic and then where would we be.

2. Richard Schwartz05/17/2005 12:01:39 PM

I don't think Blogsphere will let me put a response link on a static html page. Will check, but there isn't anything on the static page form and I don't recall an option for it in the setup. I do have a mailto link there, though. I'm thinking that what I'll do is break it into multiple pages, and make sure that there's a very prominent link at the end of each list, either a mailto link or a link right back to this comment thread.


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