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Written By : Richard SchwartzCategory : IBM Lotus Notes And Domino
Location : Ft. Lee, New Jersey

The 30th meeting of Penumbra Group started on Friday in Fort Lee, New Jersey. Domino bloggers in attendance were members Lance Spellman, Carolyn Kraut, Bob Balaban, Andrew Pollack, Mike Smith, Scott Good, plus guests Wild Bill Buchan and Alan Bell, and of course myself. As alluded to in the earlier post, our guest speaker to day was Carl "Pooter" Kraenzel of IBM. Dinner was at the Chart House, with a great view of Manhattan across the Hudson River. Bill let me play with a fascinating little game on his SmartPhone. I don't know what the game was called, but I want one! I could have gone on with it all night, but reluctantly I did give it back to him.

Penumbra is a group of IBM Lotus Business Partners -- a consortium might be the best word to describe it, actually -- that I helped to organize in 1995. I really don't think I could ever have imagined that we'd be having one of our best meeting days ever... ten years later! We've had some great support from IBM for our meetings in the past, with folks like Ed and Alan participating. Today it was Pooter's turn, and he really was the right guy at the right time to talk to us today. He was very, very enlightening first of all -- and incredibly open to the type of hard questions and downright skepticism that our group can and does generate. My willingness to believe in the long-term prospects of the IBM Workplace strategy ratcheted up several notches today.

The meeting continues tomorrow. Oh, wait.... look at the time. Today. Maybe Bill will let me play with his toy again :-)

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1. Bill05/21/2005 10:08:50 AM

Richard - you were playing Jawbreaker on my O2 XDA IIs (or iMate as its originally known).

You were playing it for about seven hours....$FILE/RichardPlayingJawbreaker.jpg

---* Bill

2. Richard Schwartz05/21/2005 11:05:13 AM

Wow, Bill! Time really flies. It seemed like only about ten minutes. No wonder I'm so tired today.


3. Declan Lynch05/21/2005 06:05:08 PM

Ahh the joys of JawBreaker. It's the only thing that keeps me going on my 1 hour bus journey to and from work every day

4. Paul Mooney05/22/2005 06:52:34 PM

An age old lesson on "playability" versus looks. Its a great little game.

5. Nathan T. Freeman05/23/2005 09:10:02 AM

You guys met at the Chart House? Ah, I've dropped many a dollar there. Fine restaurant with an unmatched view. The place actually burned down about 6 years ago, so that's it's reincarnated version.

6. chenyingying12/01/2016 09:06:18 PM

7. leilei391502/28/2017 02:23:02 AM

20170228 leilei3915

8. zzzzz02/28/2017 08:45:29 PM

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