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04:47:19 PM
Written By : Richard SchwartzCategory : 3. Everything
Location : Nashua, NH

It's like going on a bad acid trip with Salvador Dalí and Barney The Dinosaur. In 3-D.

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1. Duffbert06/18/2005 05:30:15 PM

I knew there was a reason I didn't want to see that movie after seeing the previews. I just didn't know how to put it into words.

2. Stan Rogers06/19/2005 04:02:08 AM

Wow. That actually sounds inviting -- watching the watches melt and the mustache grow while the Purple Meanie grows horns and shows his true colours. Sounds like a potential party classic.

3. Devin Olson06/20/2005 12:33:50 PM

Socrates: "Such, then, I said, are our principles of theology - some tales are to be told, and others are not to be told to our disciples from their youth upward, if we mean them to honour the gods and their parents, and to value friendship with one another."

Adeimantus: "Yes; and I think that our principles are right."

Socrates: "But if they are to be courageous, must they not learn other lessons beside these, and lessons of such a kind as will take away the fear of death? Can any man be courageous who has the fear of death in him?"

Adeimantus: "Certainly not."

Socrates: "And can he be fearless of death, or will he choose death in battle rather than defeat and slavery, who believes the world below to be real and terrible?"

Adeimantus: "Impossible."

Socrates: "Then we must assume a control over the narrators of this class of tales as well as over the others, and beg them not simply to revile, but rather to commend the world below, intimating to them that their descriptions are untrue, and will do harm to our future warriors."

--excerpt from Plato's The Republic, chapter 3.

What I get from this is that certain tales, while acceptable for children, are not really for adults. Which is what I pointed out in my initial review:


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