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12:28:40 PM
Written By : Richard SchwartzCategory : Domino Community
Location : Nashua, NH

Following up on the story of my misadventure on the way to dinner...

It was a pleasure to finally actually meet Michael Sampson and Eric Mack in person yesterday. I've spoken with Eric once, and chatted on-line with Michael numerous times, and emailed and bloggesponded with them both. Other GEECs present last night were Thomas Fredell, CTO of IntraLinks, Bob Balaban, and Peter O'Kelly. Bob is an old friend who I first met during my days as a consultant at Iris, and Peter is someone I've known by name and reputation for a long time though I only met him fairly recently. Thomas, on the other hand is someone who, despite the fact that we apparently have much in common in our respective paths, and despite the fact that we clearly have many professional acquaintances in common, I've never met before -- in person or virtually -- and it was a great pleasure to meet him as well.

Dinner at Jake & Earl's the East Coast Grill was excellent. When our waitress brought a tiny little container of the house special extra-hot sauce and placed it on the far end of the table, Thomas and I both reflexively asked her to bring another, which she promptly did -- after asking us if we really wanted it because it was "really, really hot". We assured her that, yes, we certainly did want it, and I'm pleased to say that Thomas and I easily polished our supply off while the wimpy GEECs at the other end of the table barely touched theirs ;-) It was really, really hot, and really good!

Much of the conversation revolved around tablet PCs and their relative merits. Eric has been blogging about them quite a lot lately, but he's been strangely silent on the topic for a while. Enquiring minds probably would like to know, Eric! Despite some of the things that may or may not have been pointed out in this conversation, since I do need a new laptop I will honor my GEEC friends by giving the possibility of buying a tablet some more serious thought -- though I do have to say that I've got other considerations that are probably more important right now, but we'll see.

Naturally, there are pictures...

Peter, Michael, and Thomas

Eric and Bob

Eric and Michael

Peter and Eric
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