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11:37:11 PM
Written By : Richard SchwartzCategory : Crypto
Location : Nashua, NH

There's a good discussion going on over in Bruce Schneier's blog. It's based on claims in a C|Net article Your ISP as a Net Watchdog. That article may be a big red herring... at least Orin Kerr on the Volokh Conspiracy thinks so, but the discussion is very good regardless. I would have expected everybody who read Bruce's blog to be strongly opposed to the idea of the government requiring ISPs to keep extensive logs of customer activity so that they can be made available to law enforcement, but there are a few people commenting there in favor of the idea, and that's leading to some good interplay. The key comment in the entire thread comes from Schneier:

To me, the fundamental meta-problem is that more and more things in our lives now leave an audit trail. Data is routinely collected today on things that were completely private previously: our whereabouts via our cellphones, our correspondence, the articles and topics and websites we peruse. This has enormous implications w.r.t. surveillance, and greatly facilitates the creation of a police state.

I don't think we should simply let technology take its course. I think we should have a serious discussion about this issue, and decide what we as a society want to do about it.

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