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12:54:23 AM
Written By : Richard SchwartzCategory : 3. Everything
Location : Palmer, MA

This is a new one on me. It's a new one on my laptop, too. Yet another problem, albeit a minor one, though quite annoying. When I launch a new program the new window is appearing but keyboard focus is remaining where it was.

I.e., when I click a URL link in Notes, read the page that appears in Firefox, and then press Alt-F4, it is Notes that closes, not Firefox! If I first click the mouse in Firefox before pressing Alt-F4, however, then although Firefox closes as expected, Notes does not get the keyboard focus! It seems to be left in limbo. Another way of forcing the focus into Firefox after launching it is by pressing Alt-Tab after clicking the URL link in Notes. This has no visual effect. Firefox appeared to have the focus before the Alt-Tab, but doesn't, and it still appears to have it after the Alt-Tab... and now it really does.

Just to be clear, it's not just Firefox, and it's not just Notes The same thing happens when I launch a Word attachment from Notes, and the same thing happens when I launch IE from the Start menu while Word has the keyboard focus -- in fact, typing "http://something" after launching IE and it has gone full-screen, then Alt-Tabbing back to Word shows that "http://something" was entered into my Word document!

Sometimes, the task bar icon for the newly launched program is flashing orange after launch even though it appears to have the focus (but it really doesn't). It's not happening all the time, though.


I feel like a virus scan is probably in order, even though I doubt that that's the problem.

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1. Jess Stratton07/04/2005 10:05:47 AM

I haven't had any focus problems, but I may be an indirect focus problem if I think about it. My first guess would say that it's been ever since I've used Firefox, but I've also upgrade alot of things now that I think about it.

My Ctrl+c or even going to File->Copy doesn't work probably 75% of the time. I do the copy, go to the document I want to paste into, hit Ctrl+v - nothing! Then I go to the Edit menu and Paste is greyed out.

If I go back and do the same thing again, it will copy correctly.

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