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04:07:23 PM
Written By : Richard SchwartzCategory : Industry News And Comment
Location : Nashua, NH

Via Scoble, an article by Mike Drips on Five Things Wrong With Sharepoint.

I have been accused many times of having a Microsoft bar code tattooed on my neck over the years, as a long time consultant on Microsoft technologies. So, while posting these failings may not exactly be like Luther nailing his treatise to the door of the church, I feel compelled to point out that as a product, SharePoint, like the king, is wearing no clothes....

1. It's a crappy mish-mash of multiple technologies...

2. The development team is playing the Longhorn card...

3. There are two SharePoint products, which is confusing...

4. Support for SharePoint is lacking...

5. Microsoft has not stated a strategic direction for SharePoint...

I admit that I am not a SharePoint user. I've seen numerous demos and heard lots of explanations of why I should be interested in SharePoint -- or of why my Notes and Domino customers should be interested in SharePoint, but I've never really seen the point of SharePoint. No pun intended. Like all Microsoft products, it looks good, but it doesn't seem to do anything besides put a pretty face on very elementary collaboration techniques that we've had in Notes and Domino for years -- and achieving anything useful in customization or programming with SharePoint seems to be much more complex than it is with Notes. (To be fair -- I could, have and will continue to say the same thing about a lot of what I've seen in IBM's WorkPlace.)

And check the Scoble article, too. It seems he's got his own list of gripes. And the comment thread there is accumulating more.

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1. Carl07/15/2005 10:33:56 PM
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I'm with you on the Workplace comment, it's J2EE it requires machines 20 times the size, and it lets me do what I could do 5 years ago but it's J2EE. But in 5 more years it will let me build what I can build today.

I don't see anything, even activity explorer which could not have been built on Notes, Sametime etc if the belief had been there.

It feels like another, we're going here cos Microsoft isn't here IBM strategy to me, which is the wrong reason to do something. Things should happen because customers want something or require something and so far I haven't seen Workplace answering that need.

The crazy thing is, I hear Domino sales are doing great this quarter, I just wonder how much better things could have been without all the confusion over the last 2-3 years and if people had been talking about what was possible today and not something that is half baked.

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