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Written By : Richard SchwartzCategory : IBM
Location : Nashua, NH

I've added a Group Blogs page to the Hitchhiking Blogger's Guide To IBM Blogs. So far, the only listing is for Game Tomorrow.

Let me be the first to welcome you to GameTomorrow, a new collaborative weblog focusing on the future of gaming, and how it will impact our lives beyond the confines of the console or the PC. Our contributors are IBM leaders who are involved with games and game-related technologies — whether it’s inside the consoles, within massively multiplayer online environments or the business of gaming. They’ve come together on this blog to spark more discussion about the long-term implications of gaming and third-generation user interfaces.

Our starting line up:

  • Ron Eisses is a business development executive for IBM’s Digital Media group.

  • David Laux is a global executive for games and interactive entertainment on IBM’s emerging markets team.

  • Michael Ash is a business consultant in IBM’s Media & Entertainment group.

  • Bruce D’Amora works on visual and geometric computing at IBM’s Watson Research Lab.

  • Jim Kahle is an IBM Fellow and leads the Cell processor development team.

  • Kathy Papermaster is the director of IBM’s STI design center.

  • Ted Maeurer manages the Cell software development center.

  • Barry Minor designs 3-D graphic software in IBM’s Austin development lab.

  • Mike West is a multimedia architect for IBM’s pervasive computing team.

  • Ilan Spillinger is an IBM Distinguished Engineer and is director of game and low-end processors.

  • Jeff Brown is a Distinguished Engineer in IBM’s Engineering & Technology Services group.

  • Albert Wong is an avid gamer and an IT architect with IBM’s Linux and Grid services team.

  • James Snell is a longtime gamer and works on IBM’s software standards team.

I'm not a gamer. Minesweeper and that Jawbreaker game that Wild Bill got me addicted to briefly at the last Penumbra Group meeting don't count. But I think I'll follow this one along for the ride. Gaming is one of the two real drivers of computer and internet technology, and somehow I doubt we'll see an IBM group blog devoted to the other one :-)

Update: I'm also adding the Mainframe to the guide. Via Catherine Helzerman. I've also added a link to Inside Lotus and Inside Emerging Technologies Toolkit blogs on this page, but am also keeping their existing links on the DeveloperWorks Blogs page

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1. sarika11/25/2016 05:13:02 AM

very nice.

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