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11:19:50 PM
Written By : Richard SchwartzCategory : 1. Life
Location : Nashua, NH

For the better part of 21 years, I have had two daily newspapers delivered to my home... the local Nashua Telegraph, and for better regional coverage the Boston Globe. Over tha past few years, however, I have been increasingly reading news on-line, and it's gotten to the point that I rarely pick up either of the newspapers except for one purpose: to keep up with Doonesbury and Dilbert. Both comics have been available on-line, but there's a daily ritual involved in reading a comic strip and email just didn't seem to be the right way to observe the ritual. I can't really explain why I don't want to receive comic strips in email, but I canceled the email news summaries that I was getting from the New York Times as soon as I found their RSS feeds, so I think there's some sort of consistent thought process involved. I just can't put my finger on it. Anyhow, I've found an unofficial RSS feed for Doonesbury, and an unofficial RSS feed for Dilbert. RSS seems like a perfectly good way to read comics. They're not competing with messages that need quick attention, and they don't have to be filed or deleted. Neither of these feeds is maintained by the publisher of the strip, but both feeds are just publishing links to the daily strips posted on the publishers' own sites.

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1. Duffbert07/30/2005 10:19:24 AM

That's how I get my Dilbert and Get Fuzzy fix. SharpReader lets me know when the new strip is posted, and I get *just* the strip. Like it a lot.

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