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04:11:25 PM
Written By : Richard SchwartzCategory : Googles
Location : Nashua, NH

It's that time again. Let's see what people have been searching for...

2003 UB313 location

Far, far away. I just posted about this yesterday and Yahoo's got it already.

"Mike Golding" -Yacht MIT

Does Mike have a BoatTips site?

drag and drop lotus notes doclink

An API! An API! My kingdom for an API!

wild bill insomnia

A little Scotch might help you sleep, Bill.

allergies and insomnia

A little Scotch might help this, too.

alan bell snooker

I've never played snooker, so a little Scotch might help this, too ;-)

the hitchhikers guide to calculus

Don't panic -- until you get to partial fractions. Then panic. Especially if you understand them.

the hitchhikers guide to the clit

If the answer is still 42, the question is... 42 what?

"the clit" IBM

Deep Blue is apparently working on the question

hitchhikers guide to magnetism

Not nearly as interesting

harry potter wrist band

Oddly, I posted about "wristbands" but I'm the number one hit only if you search for "wrist band"

harry potter segway barnes noble

I'm the top hit. I've never blogged about segway, but I'm way, way down in the search results without that word. Go figure.

where does barnes and noble get their chairs

I don't know, but they're comfy.

jack nicklaus wristbands

Sorry. Side-effect of blog home page construction.

"Royal Bank of Scotland" "Jack Nicklaus"

Bill said he'd try to get me a fiver :-)

Jack Nichols bank notes

Not much of a golf fan, are you?

Ambuj Goyal Janet

Dr. Scott! ! Janet! Ambuj! Janet! Rocky! (uhh!)

disappeared & "out of office" & lotus

Bob Congdon is only the most recent

Devin Olsen montage

This scares me :-)

how many calories in denny's buttermilk pancakes


litton clay pot

Joe, somebody really wants this. It was many pages into the result list.

blogsphere vogsphere

This one is my very own googlewhack, and it's getting a few hits every month

real methods to get rich

You found one! :-)

why is it necessary to use a schwartz

You have a tough job, and you want it done right!

basic difference between domino and exchange


how to get around a workplace browser restriction

Workplace Client Technology, Rich Edition

its good to be queen towels

As long as you know where the queen's towel is.

Queen greatest hits won't burn

Oh, sure it will. You're just not trying hard enough.

use the schwartz t-shirt

Sorry, I don't have any CULT shirts to spare.

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