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12:17:08 PM
Written By : Richard SchwartzCategory : 3. Everything
Location : Nashua, NH

It's hard to take an article seriously when it makes a spelling/usage mistake in the very first sentence. The phrase is "piqued concern", not "peaked concern"! But the second sentence of this eCommerce Times article makes a good point:

The issue arises because bloggers, many or most of them amateurs, often overdose on cut-and-paste editing, which can result in copyright violations, Paul Llewellyn, an attorney with Kaye Scholer in New York City, explained.

It certainly shows that I'm not the only one concerned about attribution and fair use issues in the blogosphere. The particular blog I was referring to in that article seems to be making more of an effort to do proper attribution lately, not with 100% consistency, but definitely more than before... and it is also including more original material. I don't know if that's a reaction to having seen my article or not, but it's a good thing.

I just added a "Copyright" meta tag to my configuration to cover my bases a bit better. Just to be clear, I'm very happy to see my blog quoted, as I'm sure just about every blogger is. This blog is still licensed under Creative Commons, Attribution Required, Permission Required For Commercial Use, and the meta tag now reflects this. Of course, people using RSS readers probably don't see that, do they? Even though copyright is always implicit (under current US law, anyhow) even if there is no notice given, giving notice in an RSS feed is probably a good idea. The Atom spec includes a copyright element, but I don't have an Atom feed yet and I imagine that RSS will be around for a long time even after Atom gains more widespread support.

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1. John Willemse08/08/2005 07:55:25 PM

Richard I started a comment on this on my website hope we all can fill in the gapes we see in the 'Fair Use Policy'. Again thanks for the private e-mail with the personal advice. The Badkey side is a 'friendly side' to all Domino users, as I have been using Domino as 2.x. See this 'early monkey'


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