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01:26:01 PM
Written By : Richard SchwartzCategory : Social Software
Location : Nashua, NH

I've been reading ProBlogger a bit lately. Today's article about Six Figure Blogging makes me a bit sad. I don't actually doubt that someone could make a living blogging. A small number of people might even make a good six figure income. Anything's possible.

I'm sure, however, that it involves a lot of hard work. I would hope that a little bit of that hard work would involve copy editing. In this one short article, I found the seven errors shown below.

I’ve been eludingalluding to some new projects for a while now and today I’m pleased to announce one of them. Six Figure Blogging - a six week course that Andy Wibbels and I have put together after a podcast we did a few months back on the topic. The six week course kicks off with a free preview call (registration is neccessary) on September 7th and then continues every Wednesday (8pm EST - that’s EST USA time) for the following 6 weeks.

I’ve chosen to work with Andy on this for a number of reasons including his wealth of experience in blogging and putting together successful and helpful coursecourses like this one. He’s also got a range of blogging skills that I don’t possess (and visa versavice versa) and so I think we’ll complimentcomplement one another well. Lastly, I like the way that Andy is not into hype - t. There are a lot of get rich quick schemes out there which promise the world but are largely all talk. Neither Andy or I are into that type of approach and are putting together some sessions that are for people who are willing to work hard and have patience. If that’s you, you might like to join us in September and October for what looks like being a really fun few weeks together.

(Two of the errors may be difficult to see despite my attempts at markup. They are missing commas, after the word "Lastly" and between the words "you" and "you", both in the second paragraph. I put a "strong" tag on the inserted commas but some browser fonts might not accentuate them enough.)

I know that my own blogging is not always error free, but I'm not out there claiming to be a professional blogger... or claiming to teach others how.

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1. Cary08/17/2005 03:41:48 PM

Good Lord, who cares?

Darren teaches blogging, not English.

2. Richard Schwartz08/17/2005 05:44:20 PM

Blogging is a form of writing. Many bloggers even conisider it to be a form of journalism. The occasional mistake is certainly excusable, and I would not have bothered. But so many errors in such a short article is very sad for any professional writer, and certainly for someone who claims to be teaching others how to earn a healthy income as a writer. Surely there's a lesson here, isn't there? Part of professional blogging should be professional copy editing?

3. Darren Rowse08/17/2005 06:47:43 PM

Bloody hell you sounds like my wife!

Appreciate the concern over my spelling and have made some of the changes you've suggested. Not sure it needed a whole post dedicated to it though - oh well.

4. Brian Benz08/17/2005 07:49:51 PM

Yeah Rich, geez, why quibble over minor errors? Wouldn't it be more positive to just help promote David Rouse's and Alan Weeble's new course, Six Bigure Flogging? And don't forget to point them to the Web site - To hell with the details.

5. Richard Schwartz08/17/2005 08:11:44 PM


@David: I've never met your wife, but I take the comparison to your complement as a compliment!


6. Nathan T. Freeman08/18/2005 06:19:27 AM

Why does that first reply smell of astroturf to me?

7. Christopher Byrne08/21/2005 11:33:27 PM

@Cary - it comes down to credibility and professionalism. I kick myself every time I find a mistake in one of my posts. Darren should be happy Richard pointed it out. Too many times people will not point them out. They just leave and do not come back.

8. Search Engine Superhero03/14/2007 06:01:08 PM

Do people seriously think that publishing content on the Internet allows them to haphazardly employ the use of the English language? That they are immune to exerting any level of professionalism?

How different is this medium to any other? Content is content.

Would you scoff at a prospectus riddled with spelling and grammatical errors and toss it delightfully into the bin? Sure you would, because it reeks of being unprofessional. The same principle applies here.

People should take the time to proof their copy, time and time again, especially those who earn a mighty packet from their wares.

For the illiterate at heart it may not be a concern but the Internet is not just a giant notepad for erroneousness copy, it should up hold levels of professionalism amongst those who command the respect of their loyal readers.

Far to many Internet marketers, including professional bloggers or otherwise are slap dash in their textual efforts.

9. Richard Schwartz03/14/2007 06:50:13 PM

@8: I won't take you to task for "different to..", as I understand that that is considered acceptable in British English, and I'm guessing from the idiom "earn a mighty packet" that you're not American. But... I think you meant "Far too many..." in your last sentence

Anyhow, I forgive you the mistake given the pain of editing blog comments in these tiny little text boxes, and I absolutely agree with you.

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