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08:33:41 PM
Written By : Richard SchwartzCategory : IBM Lotus Notes And Domino
Location : Nashua, NH

I'm seeing a slow but steady stream of links from Just Us League members to the latest Forbes FUD Fest coming through in a BlogDigger search for 'Lotus Notes', but the good guysare fighting the good fight. Understandably a little delayed by travel, but never one to hide his head in the sand, Ed Brill took some time during his flight home from the Irish user group meeting to post an answer to the latest round of FUD.

A first-time shift in rankings doesn't mean the end of a product line.  If there were other data points that indicated the product in question was entering decline, there would be cause for concern.  Let's be clear -- Notes/Domino is hardly on the decline. Data, not conjecture, follows:

  • At Lotusphere 2005, IBM announced 1468 new customers for Notes/Domino during 2004.

  • In the last three fiscal quarters, IBM has announced double-digit revenue growth for Notes/Domino.

  • Over 80% of all Notes/Domino customers are running Notes/Domino 6.x, the most successful upgrade cycle of the modern (post-R3) Notes product lifecycle.  By comparison, Steve Ballmer was quoted coming out of MS's partner conference as saying that only 15% of Office customers have upgraded to Office 2003, which shipped about the same timeframe.

  • Respected industry analysts like IDC, Gartner, Burton, Redmonk, and Forrester have all published positive reports about Notes/Domino 7, and the next release of Notes ("Hannover"), during 2005.

  • In the next few days, IBM will launch Notes/Domino 7, the best release of the product ever.  The release is coming on-time (some say that IBM is even early vs. expectations), and a multi-million US dollar worldwide launch will ensue.

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