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Written By : Richard SchwartzCategory : Industry News And Comment
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Duffbert already blogged about Zimbra. I saw the announcment earlier today, and just checked out their on-line demo. Tom pointed out the very same thing that I immediately thought when I read the announcment. It's an Exchange competitor, but not a Notes competitor. All it does is mail, contacts, and calendar.

It's AJAX-based, and they make a big deal about that in the announcement, as if it somehow differentiates them from Notes. Hah That's a good one! Domino Web Access is AJAX, too, and it's been out for years. So the only thing that's special about Zimbra is that it runs on open source servers. There's something to be said for that, of course, but there's something to be said for running an enterprise's infrastructure with software that has a 20 year pedigree and one of the world's largest corporations backing it up, too.

As I said, I tried it out. It looks nice, but so does DWA. It performs ok, but so does DWA. It's got a nice editor, So does DWA. It's got some filtering capabiltiy. So does DWA. It doesn't do signature or encryption, but DWA does :-)

It's another nice-looking web mail interface. GMail already proved that someone besides IBM and Microsoft can make nice-looking web mail interfaces. But that's not where the value of an enterprise collaboration system lies. Zimbra might be fine for someone with a preference for open source on the back-end, but with a circa-1994 set of collaboration requirements in a post-2000 web-oriented world. IMHO, that's a pretty limited target.

Like I said... Yaaaaawn.

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1. zhuojian07/05/2016 10:04:09 AM


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