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09:27:47 PM
Written By : Richard SchwartzCategory : Computers And Networking
Location : Nashua, NH

Following up on the report from Carl that this blog was generating popups, I started a process-of-elimination series of tests. My page layout included a number of externally sourced elements, including JavaScript from Google, Technorati, and WebStats4U -- which until a week or two ago was known as Nedstat. I started up a clean browser environment -- Opera, actually, which is the browser I use the least and so the one for which I am most willing to just toss all the cookies -- and opened my main URL and got a popup. Actually, Opera blocked it, but it did issue its warning so I knew it was there. I cleaned out all cookies, closed the browser tab, and also edited the block configuration to remove the Technorati code from my layout, and then opened a new browser tab. I repeated the process, this time removing the Nedstat code, and this time there was no popup. I re-added the Technorati code. Still no popup. I re-added the Nedstat code, and the popup came back.

I know that there are a lot of Nedstat users out there, but at this point I have to strongly suggest that the free ride is over. It's time to ditch Nedstat aka WebStats4U. I just did.

Guess it's time to look into alternative ways of collecting site stats.

In all fairness, this was disclosed when NedStat became WebStats4U. Here's what they said:

Webstats4U is a 100% FREE version for all webmasters. In order to finance the new developments and to continue providing you with the world's best FREE web analytics tool in the market, Webstats4U will accept advertising sponsorships on its reporting site and will from time to time accept other types of advertising sponsorships. These advertising sponsorships will not be implemented directly into your website. If you do not wish to continue using our FREE Webstats4U service in exchange for advertising you can of course change anytime to Nedstat's paid web analytics solutions NedstatPro or Sitestat.

They did keep to their word. They didn't place ads "directly into" my site. They used their code, called from within my site, to generate popups outside of my site's window. Therefore it would be wrong for me to say "WebStats4U are a bunch of slimeballs". It would be wrong for me to say "WebStats4U are popup spammers". It would be wrong for me to say "WebStats4U suck". So, please, Google... don't pay any attention to those statements. People who search on "WebStats4U" might get the impression that I actually think they are slimeball popup spammers who suck, and I must keep to my word just precisely as they did by emphasizing that I do not want anyone to come to the wrong conclusion about WebStats4U.

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1. Carl09/19/2005 10:10:20 PM
Homepage: Http://

Actually it was a popup within your page, it was a layer, it wasn't a separate window, it just looked that way

Glad to see you got it sorted.

2. Andrew Pollack09/19/2005 10:37:51 PM

Ah, more fodder for the hosts file. and just got added to the block list right under doubleclick.

All these sites ultimately do is ruin a good thing. I no longer allow scripts to load from any place other than the same web server I'm viewing.

3. Ben Langhinrichs09/20/2005 01:19:44 AM

Ahh, I use NedStatPro, so I guess my paying for it avoids this annoying behavior, at least for now.

4. Rock09/20/2005 03:07:11 PM

What a shame. I really enjoyed NedStats, and thought it was a neat service. I had noticed random popups that appeared to come from my window, but since I run Firefox and ALWAYS have multiple tabs open I thought it was one of those. Since you have confirmed it is Nedstat (or whatever they are called now) they are now gone.

What a shame...


5. Rock09/20/2005 03:44:09 PM

Here's my entry about this, and my removal of the, ahem, "tool":


6. Sparrowhawk09/21/2005 06:17:44 AM

Yes, I did the same process of elimination as you. Same result. Also deleted them.

Of course they are not slimeballs. That would be giving slimeballs a bad name! ;)

7. Chris Linfoot11/10/2005 04:22:13 AM

Seems some people are still using WS4U and the resulting pop-unders and other unpleasantness are multiplying.

8. Anabella03/30/2006 02:14:20 PM

I had the same problem, but worst, when I saw my thumbnail at alexa, in my kids oriented website there were porn ads! so if you use nedstat go check in alexa how it looks like!

9. hubert savelberg06/29/2006 09:41:07 AM

I just skipped them also because my readers got annoyed with the system.

10. chenjinyan11/22/2016 02:52:43 AM
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