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07:52:02 PM
Written By : Richard SchwartzCategory : Industry News And Comment
Location : Nashua, NH

eWeek is reporting that Ray Ozzie is taking on a larger role at Microsoft following a significant reorganization that was announced today.

Ozzie will broaden his current role as CTO to assume responsibility for the development of software-based services across Microsoft's newly formed core business divisions: Platforms and Services; Business; and Entertainment and Devices, as announced by Microsoft Corp. officials on Tuesday, in a statement.

The AP is reporting as follows:

Under the changes, Ray Ozzie, a highly respected software veteran who came to Microsoft in March when it acquired his company, Groove Networks, will be charged with helping the company coordinate and improve Internet-based service offerings. These include Windows Update, the company's online tool for issuing security fixes; its MSN consumer online unit, including Web-based e-mail, instant messenger and search technology; and its Xbox Live online videogame service.

Dan Gilmore says that Ray Wins in the reorg. He also says "Ray is one of the smartest people I've ever encountered in the technology business. He's also a gentleman. I hope his addition to Microsoft's corporate DNA will change the company more than vice versa." Microsoft Monitor says, "He will be the man responsible for the software-based services strategy. For starters, I would expect collaboration to become part of Windows, like with Vista. And it's a fair bet Ozzie's role will be, in part, to beat back the Googles, Salesforce.coms and Web 2.0 evangelists of the world with new services closely aligned to Office and Windows."

Based on the info available so far though, it's hard for me to tell whether Ray's role will include what I have been predicting with respect to WinFS. I imagine that the answer is might be, "It does, if Ray wants it to". We'll see.

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1. Chris Linfoot09/21/2005 03:56:02 AM

Was going to blog this but you've done it better so I'll just draw out one point if I may...

From that AP excerpt - "These include ... its MSN consumer online unit, including Web-based e-mail..."

That mainly means Hotmail I guess.

Question for Ray - how long will it take you to shut down the rampant abuse of MS "personal addresses" (domains to you and me) and Hotmail servers to send 419 and related spam and to host phishing sites and domains?

Go ahead. I'll wait here...

2. Nathan T. Freeman09/21/2005 05:33:31 AM

I would think Ray taking over XBox live was ridiculous, if he didn't freely admit that he gets a lot of software ideas by observing how his own kids work with video games.

He once commented to me that he wished he'd started something like OpenNTF years before Bruce and I did. It would be a pleasant shift to see MS move towards encouraging more OSS, particularly on their platforms.

3. Danny Lawrence09/21/2005 03:53:20 PM

As you said, MSFT's buying Groove was a lot more about their buying Ray than Groove. This just confirms it

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