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09:40:29 PM
Written By : Richard SchwartzCategory : 3. Everything
Location : Nashua, NH

Longtime Microsoft employee and somewhat longer-ago-time college friend of mine Kevin Schofield accompanied Bill Gates on a whirlwind college tour, and he started a new work blog to keep an official travelogue. One of the stops along the way was at MTV studios in Time Square, where Kevin snapped some shots on his cameraphone.

Aside: why do we call them cameraphones? They are far more phone than camera. Shouldn't we call them phonecams?

Anyhow, as Kevin described it:

One wall of the studio was glass windows looking out towards the street, and directly across the street was a big electronic billboard that MTV controls. They put up a big graphic with a picture of Bill, and the words "The Notorious B.G." Just for the record: not our idea. I snapped some pictures with my cameraphone, but they came out really crummy -- shooting through glass and into a really bright billboard area.

Now, I don't have the skills -- or the software -- to clean up those photos. But I'll bet someone out there does :-)

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1. Alan Bell10/18/2005 09:35:58 AM

the software you need is however there isn't really much photo there available to enhance. I can just about resolve the BG, but it is almost fully saturated. I think it probably says notorious above the BG and the same width as the BG and "the" to the left and in a bigger font. The picture of Bill Gates is botom left of the billboard, this is reasonably clear in the original if you know where to look but very small.

2. Richard Schwartz10/18/2005 09:57:08 AM

What I make out is "The" to the top left, "B.G" to the right and below, and "notorious" under "The" and over "B.G.", extending the full width of both.

As for the enhancements, I've seen much worse pictures enhanced by the experts on TV crime shows all the time. Why, they can even rotate those taxi cabs and discern the license plates! So I'm sure we can do something with the picture if we only get the software that they use


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