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07:57:57 PM
Written By : Richard SchwartzCategory : News And Comment
Location : Nashua, NH

Via Huffington Post... I just had to post a response to 'this story there, and in the continuing tradtion of this blog denigrating members of the New Hampshire delegation to the US Senate, I have to also say something here.

Judd Gregg... He's got two last names, each of which has a redundant final letter which if removed would give him two first names, and that's always made me very suspicious of Judd Gregg. I disagree with most of his political positions, too, but he's a citizen like any other. He's entitled to play the lottery like anyone else. He's even entitled to win $853,000.00 in last night's PowerBall drawing.

Now, I'm not going to make any snide remarks about how appropriate it is for a United States Senator to be paying the tax on the stupid -- because when the PowerBall numbers get as high as they've been for the past few weeks, I pay it too. I play because it's fun to daydream for a few minutes, and a few dollars invested in a satisfying daydream really isn't that bad a deal at all.

Oh... wait a minute! Of course I'm going to make snide remarks about a Senator paying a tax on the stupid. Just because I paid it too doesn't disqualify me from being a smart-ass agout it. It just seems so obvious and appropriate :-) Why, if the entire US Senate and US House of Representatives paid a tax proportional to their stupidity, our national debt would be paid off in no time at all! And if the President paid a tax proportional to stupidity, why... I think they could abolish all other taxes, because everything would be covered!


Returning to the original theme of this post... Sure, he's allowed to play the lottery. Legal and moral leader that he is, he's still allowed to gamble. Although he's already a wealthy, man, he's nowhere near as wealthy as the $340,000,000.00 jackpot that someone (and not Sen. Gregg, and not me either) won last night, so he's allowed to dream, too. Yes, he's allowed... but I'm allowed to be pissed that he won a major prize and I didn't! :-)

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