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10:30:29 PM
Written By : Richard SchwartzCategory : AJAX With IBM Lotus Domino
Location : Nashua, NH

Mark Barton and Jerry Carter read RSS feeds from multiple servers into a single browser, but without IFRAMES to get around security restrictions. The browser uses AJAX to talk to a Domino server, and the Domino server acts as a smart proxy, pulling in the XML feeds from the actual target sites, caching them and doing server-side XSLT transformations before returning the data back to the browser. They've got all the usual suspects together: XMLHttpRequest, XML, and XSL and CSS, plus Domino of course, and they also use Dreamweaver to get past the fact that XSL turns perfectly good minds to mush.

Check out the article on Jerry's or Mark's blogs. It's not just a nice illustration of Domino and AJAX. It's a reminder that while rich client computing is all the rage, and AJAX is the darling of the moment because it is thin and rich at the same time, there's still something to be said for having a capable server helping the client out, and Domino is a plenty capable server.

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1. Carl11/03/2005 11:29:42 AM

The Wall Street Journal has jumped on the Ajax bandwagon with an article today (3-Nov). Sorry I don't have a link - I read this one in hardcopy... page B1.

Nothing in the article about Domino, just thought it was interesting that coding techniques now get written about in the Journal.

Article mentions Joyent, Kiko, Meebo, Upstartle, Zimbra. And of course, Google and Microsoft.

2. Richard Schwartz11/03/2005 12:07:00 PM

It's a bummer that Zimbra gets all the mentions when Domino Web Access has been using AjAX to do what they do for years.

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