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08:51:16 PM
Written By : Richard SchwartzCategory : News And Comment
Location : Nashua, NH

In a cheesy story that I think is really half-baked, CNN is reporting that bad lasagna took out more than 70 security guards at the site of the upcoming summit meeting in Argentina.

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1. Alan Bell11/03/2005 03:20:33 PM

they must have been struck down by His noodly appendage!

2. Bruce Perry11/03/2005 04:34:18 PM

Yes, blasphemers against His Noodlyness, the Flying Spaghetti Monster, can expect to have all sorts of pasta-related "accidents".

For more info on the FSM, try here:

3. jonvon11/03/2005 05:27:01 PM

ouch. that actually hurt.


4. Curt Stone11/03/2005 08:07:16 PM

Reminds me of some chili my wife made one time. Our first son was a new born and we both were so sick we could hardly get out of bed or off the toilet. We had to call her mother to take care of us. I joke with my wife and her chili but I think we had a stomach flu. Not fun.

5. chenyingying12/01/2016 09:06:17 PM

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