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01:58:23 PM
Written By : Richard SchwartzCategory : Industry News And Comment
Location : Nashua, NH

Via Bruce Schneier, MIT has rigged their campus-wide wireless network to track the location of every device that is connected. Privacy is maintained through opt-in for publication of any personal details. Or is it? The system admins certainly have access, and that undoubtedly means that the MIT administration certainly can get access if they decide they need it. Hmmm....

The resemblance to the Marauder's Map in the Harry Potter books reminds me of the Arthur C. Clark aphorism that any sufficiently advanced technology is indistuinguishable from magic. And the fact that the Marauder's Map has it's own entry in Wikipedia that is three times the length of the entry for Ray Ozzie reminds me that despite all this advanced technology and despite the alleged magic of communities, it's going to be a while before we can say "Mischeif Managed!".

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1. cmoutlet12/03/2014 03:11:06 AM

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