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08:30:42 PM
Written By : Richard SchwartzCategory : Blogsphere Template
Location : Nashua, NH

I'm starting to reorganize the blog layout a bit, and the first thing I've done is remove most of the blogroll links from the sideblocks. I've kept the Penumbra Bloggers list, but the rest of the links can now be found here. A simple text link now appears at the upper left, just above the XML icon. I'll probably extend my Don't Panic Links section on right a bit eventually.

Another thing I've done is add Javascript for the Amazon Product Previews beta program. If you're an Amazon Associate you can check it out. Just log into your Associates program page as usual and you should see the details. And if it's working, something pretty cool (hint: see the image above!) could happen if you mouse over this simple link I say "could" because apparently during the beta the feature will only be activated for 50% of site visitors. Why? I haven't got the faintest idea. (Update: Hmmm... I'm seeing weird things in Firefox. Nothing happens when I mouse over the link, but mousing over some of the other text in this post is causing it to be underlined. What's supposed to happen is that a little popup should appear with information about the book I'm linking to.

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1. Stan Rogers11/19/2005 01:03:00 AM

You're missing the "/" in the closing tag for your blogroll link (around the word "here" in the first paragraph).

2. Richard Schwartz11/19/2005 01:21:52 AM

Ah, thanks Stan. That explains the funky behavior of the Amazon code, too.

3. Richard Schwartz11/19/2005 12:54:30 PM

Further follow-up.... it seems to work in IE and Firefox, but not Opera, even after clearing the relevant cookie (amazon_vf from, in this case). The link is underlined with a dashed line, but the popup does not appear when I mouse over it. I've got popup blocking disabled in Opera, but perhaps there's some other setting somewhere.

4. Alan Bell11/19/2005 03:34:47 PM

is that a comprehensive list of Penumbra bloggers the Amazon popup seems to just display over the text and is not clickable or dismissable on Firefox 1.0.6 on Fedora Core.

5. Richard Schwartz11/19/2005 04:43:47 PM

Ummm... it is now

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