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Over the past few months, I've run into several occasions where I noticed that someone was confused about the difference between the SmartHost and the Relay Host settings for the Lotus Domino server. A little bit of mx-up is understandable, since they're both defined on the Router/SMTP - Basics tab of the Configuration document, plus there's an essential similarity between them in that they both play a part in the limited store-and-forward capability of SMTP routing. The difference isn't that hard to remember, however. It boils down to this: SmartHost is for inbound mail, and Relay is for outbound mail.

If a Relay Host is configured, then when Domino is sending outbound Internet mail to someone outside of its own Internet domain, it will send the message to the Relay Host no matter who the recipient is. This is useful for lowering the load on your primary server, but the main reasons for having a Relay Host these days are probably (a) to keep your primary server inside the firewall while still having a server that is in your DMZ (or outside your firewall) make all your outbound connections, or (b) to allow a server that has a dynamic IP address to route mail to domains that blacklist all dynamic IPs.

If a SmartHost is configured, when Domino receives inbound Internet mail it checks to see if the address matches a user in the Domino Directory. If there is no match, then the message is sent to the SmartHost. This is useful when you have a split environment with some Domino mail users and some non-Domino users. The SmartHost configuration allows you to configure your Domino server as the primary MX for your domain and forward any messages it can't deliver on to a different mail system.

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