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10:52:11 PM
Written By : Richard SchwartzCategory : 3. Everything
Location : Nashua, NH

Back in the old days we used to have our office fun by flinging the write-protect rings from 9-track tape reels at each other, but oh, how things have advanced since then! Via C|Net: Marks & Spencer is selling USB Powered Air Darts, and they're available in a 3-for-the-price-of-2 deal so you can arm your entire office for a very reasonable price! Just be careful. You could put an eye out.

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1. Stu Downes12/03/2005 03:02:22 PM

Perfect for fending off the Exchange Team who sit 3 yards away from me!!!!

2. Esther Strom12/05/2005 11:44:09 AM

If you're into cube wars, ThinkGeek has a whole section of toys for you... (no affiliation, just spend a lot of $ there on office gifts.)

3. Bruce Perry12/06/2005 05:56:43 PM

I adore toy guns and Nerf weapons, but this is too silly. With my semi-auto belt-fed Nerf gun I could probably wipe out a dozen of these by myself.

Of course, if it had a camera and you could operate it remotely, that might be different. Instant payback for anyone at the office who dares to call while you're on vacation.

4. Deb12/07/2005 01:14:13 AM

Even less expensive...the rubber band. Hours of fun pinging it off ceiling tiles at just the right angle so that it drops into the coffee cup or onto the head of the guy just over the cube wall.
..and don't even get me started on cold-spray rockets..pretty sure they're not legal in Canada anymore, but tons of fun while it lasted.

5. Bruce Perry12/07/2005 09:57:31 AM

Yes, rubber bands are great office toys. Somewhee I've even seen instructions on how to build a rubber band gun from binder clips (the kind you'd find in the supply cabinet).

Cold spray rockets? Do tell. Google yields only sciency stuff.

6. chenjinyan11/22/2016 02:48:50 AM
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