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01:28:32 PM
Written By : Richard SchwartzCategory : 1. Life
Location : Nashua, NH

I felt like having a bowl of cream of mushroom soup for lunch today, so I got out a can of Campbells, opened it and emptied it into a pot. Then I filled the can half with water and half with milk, got out a tiny little wisk from the drawer of kitchen implements of destruction, and stirred the liquid in the can to free up all the bits of condensed soup that always stick to the side and bottom of the can. But after pouring the liquid into the pot, I saw that there was still a significant amount of soupy stuff in the can, so...


Lesson learned: now that Campbell has switched from old-fashiond cans to the ones with the pull-tops, don't stick your finger in to try and scrape out the bits that are clinging stubbornly to the sides. It was dangerous enough with the older cans, but the edges left by the pull-tops are really sharp, and that little space between the index and middle finger isn't the easiest place to bandage.

And then I left the soup on the stove too long. It was on low heat, as I well know it should be, but I burned it anyhow.

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