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12:04:20 AM
Written By : Richard SchwartzCategory : Blogsphere Template
Location : Nashua, NH

Both Bob and Peter having poked me recently about the misbehavior of my blog layout in IE. I have to admit, it was pretty bad. Every single keystroke while entering comments resulted in a flashing, re-layering, re-sizing repaint of the browser window. The comment preview feature seemed to be at fault. Something in my CSS plus something in the scrpt for the preview feature clearly weren't getting along.

I figured I'd better do something about it, so I tried a couple of surgical CSS changes to no avail. Not wanting to spend forever and a day trying to fix behavior in a browser that I don't use and don't recommend, I went for the chainsaw. I modified the comments.js script to avoid replacing innerHTML in the DisplayText div during comment entry. Problem solved. IE users will just not have the benefit of the preview for checking out their formatting tags, emoticons, etc.

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1. Nathan T. Freeman12/14/2005 03:59:33 AM

IE users get what they deserve then.

2. Jerry Glover12/14/2005 10:09:57 AM

You could them a preview button so they're not completely SOL.

3. Peter de Haas12/14/2005 03:34:14 PM


When typing a comment the screen still jumps, but the rest of the screen is stable.
Thanks for this improvement on behalf of all IE users :-d

4. Richard Schwartz12/14/2005 06:15:29 PM

Peter - try a refresh. I think your browser may be caching my old CSS and/or Javascript. I'm typing this in IE 6 right now, and it is rock solid. There is no flashing or jumping going on. I've tried a variety of window sizes to be sure that it's not dependent on mimimum widhts of any of the elements, too.

Anyone else still experiencing problems?

5. Peter de Haas12/15/2005 12:05:10 PM


You blog is now officially IE 7.0 proof. No jumping

Look forward to extensive commenting and dicussions

6. Pete Lyons12/16/2005 10:56:35 PM

Firefox 1.5 isn't working too well either. If the comment gets long enough to cover the submit button you cannot submit.

7. Pete Lyons12/16/2005 11:00:17 PM

continued from above... I wrote a long response to prev post but could not submit: Short version: sorry, suicide sucks - I know, obit for friend worth effort.

8. Richard Schwartz12/17/2005 12:57:12 AM

@Pete: Thanks I appreciate the thought, and I see the CSS probmem and I'll look into it.

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