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12:41:47 AM
Written By : Richard SchwartzCategory : Domino Community
Location : Nashua, NH

Years ago, I was a frequent poster on the Notes.Net LDD developerWorks forum. Business committments and blogs cut my posting rate dramatically. Now, however, there are RSS feeds for the forums. I do most of my RSS reading in two instances of my own bloggergator application, but I decided to segregate out the LDD feed into a separate reader. I decided against Erwin's mail template enhancement for RSS, and went with the Madicon reader instead. The only reason for that is the volume. I just don't want that much volume of RSS traffic flowing through my mail file. Anyhow, the feed has been coming in for less than a day, and I've already posted responses four times. That's more than I've posted in just about any month in several years.

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1. Alan Bell12/22/2005 04:03:54 AM

the RSS feeds prompted me to look again at the forum, I was quite prolific once, but the signal to noise ratio got me in the end. After not very long the unthreaded nature of RSS started to wind me up so I wrote a Konfabulator widget to read the ?readviewentries XML which does contain thread information.

I couldn't resist reviving the Notes.Net moniker in the widget!

2. Sean Burgess12/23/2005 01:30:01 PM

What amazes me is just the volume of postings that come out of the 6/7 Forum. RSS is going to make it much easier to get a handle on what's going on in there and contribute when possible. The only issue is that you have to look at it daily or the unread count gets really daunting.


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