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02:32:33 PM

I noticed this morning that the link to Volker in yesterday's post about the redirect was resulting in a 403 "Forbidden" error. The URL in the link was correct. Actually, Duffbert pointed out that I had an extraneous single quote at the end, but the browser was actually ignoring that. Plus, the error persisted even after I fixed it. Investigation showed that the link worked fine when clicked from this blog's home page, but fails when clicked after drilling down to the article page.

An email exchange with Volker revealed the reason. He blocks referrers with "cz-" in the URL in order to keep Czech pornographers from abusing his site. Fair enough, but the "CZ-" in my URLs comes from Domino's @Unique function, which Blogsphere uses to generate the default permalink id for articles. Those letters come from my name: Richard SChwartZ.

There are five options. (Six really, but I don't know if Volker is susceptible to bribes )

  • Drop blogsphere in favor of another Domino blog template or a non-Domino blog.

  • Change my name.

  • Switch to a different user ID when posting to my blog.

  • Modify the blogsphere software to remove the "RSCZ-" from permalink ids, or use some other system altogether.

  • Just try to remember to manually change the id before publishing articles when I'm linking to Volker,

I'm going to rule out the first three. The last only works if (a) I actually remember, and (b) nobody posts a link to Volker in a comment in cases where I didn't change the id. The momentum, therefore, seems to favor doing a modification to Blogsphere. (I haven't entirely ruled out bribery, though.)

If I'm going to do that, I should consider making it a generalized solution for customizing the permalink ids and contributing the code back to Blogsphere. Anyone have any thoughts about this? Some other templates use the artcile title to construct the permid. In fact, my old FreeDom Blog based blog did that, but I don't really like that. Many non-Domino blogs, use either a date-time based id, or a sequential number id. What I'm thinking is maybe making the default formula configurable. The field itself would @Eval the configured formula. Instead of @Unique, I could configure my blog to use @Right(@Unique;6)). And anybody who wanted to develop and configure a completely different technique would be free to do so.

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1. Duffbert01/07/2006 03:09:17 PM

That sounds like a possibility. Making it general like that would allow anyone to modify their formula if they are perceived as a foreign porno site. :)

2. Declan lynch01/08/2006 06:19:44 AM

Or better yet just wait for the next release of BlogSphere.

After seeing your entry I have added a new option to the blog configuration allowing a user to select how they want the permalinks created using the @eval method that you have suggested.

3. Richard Schwartz01/08/2006 12:01:08 PM

Cool! That's great, Declan. Will that be 2.2?

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Homepage: http://

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