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Sorry, Stowe. We've met a time or two, and I thought you were a pretty good guy, wortthy of some respect. And I still do. But you're out of line. You're skipping over numerous facts, and you're riding on a bandwagon of a phrase. Both of those are forgiveable. But calling those of us who defend Notes "mealy-mouthed" and referring to our arguments as "bait-and-switch" is not so easily overlooked.

First of all, Lotus Notes is a hog

Name one application that you use every day that isn't a hog. Your browser isn't an "application", by the way. Some applications run in it, but be honest: include the browser itself, all the add-ins, all the frameworks, all the servers, the bandwidth, and the requirement to be connected (if necessary), and the portals, bookmark managers, or other personalized navigation systems that are actually part of your experience with using those applications. Include all the effort required to get your data in when you decide to use that application, and all the effort required to get it out into formats you need to share it with other applications, and all the effort required to get it out Include all that, then let's compare hog versus hog, ok?

The problem is, in the world of the 90s and into the present day, email was the centerpoint of everything, even for people using Notes... because most people in the world don't have Notes, and you need to collaborate with them, too....

So, naturally, Notes The Platform is judged by comparison with alternative solutions that allow you to communicate and coordinate with anyone, anywhere... not just with other users of the same collaboration product you are using. The point that is missed by the Lotus Notes advocates is that people want to be able to communicate, collaborate, and coordinate with anyone, not just those who are using the same programs as them.

No, Stowe. We don't miss that point at all. Not since, about ten years ago. Ed has answered the fact that Stowe completely ignores ten years of evolution of Notes into Domino, but I want to add that there are plenty of real-life examples where Domino applications are accessible to users not just via direct broswer access, but via email ("the centerpoint of everything"), via handheld devices of all kinds, and via XML -- including web services and RSS too! Yes, Stowe, this blog, should you choose to subscribe, is written in Notes and brought to you by Domino. Is that special? No. But you're wrong to conclude that you can't collaborate with me because I've chosen to use Notes. I get to keep working with all the applications and data that I built a dozen years ago -- with no re-work at all -- and I still get to collaborate with you who won't go near a Notes client because to you it sucks.

Notes has fallen by the wayside, an asterisk in the collaboration chronicles, but all being said, not really very successful

I believe that Ed said the latest figure is 120,000,000 Notes and Domino licenses in 60,000 organizations. Tell me, Stowe, what set of "Web 2.0" applications comes close to that? How many applications of any type that are not bundled on newly bought computers have anything like those numbers?

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