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06:10:45 PM

JavaScript is a cool language. It dosn't coddle developers the way some other languages do. Granted, it gives you a lot of rope with which you can easily hang yourself, but it's a lot of rope with which you can do some very neat programming, too. The trouble is, it's probably true that most JavaScript programmers don't know more than half the features of the language, and that's not because it's overloaded with features. It's because most programmers approach JavaScript as a language for writing five to ten lines of code at a time for simple tasks, and never bother to -- never need to bother to -- look at the handful of cool features that are there for the slightly more adventurous.

If you are a bit adventurous, check out these (via Ajaxian) articles about JavaScript by dIon Gillard:

Also worth noting is that the author of the articles is into Notes and Domino, both of which are listed as categories in his blog.

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1. Bernard Devlin01/12/2006 07:13:02 PM

You're right about Javascript. It's prototype-based classes are derived from Self (which also influenced Squeak). My estimate is that most of us are using about 5% of what Javascript could do. Of course, the problem has been the lack of a good IDE/debugger until Venkman came along (and even that is not really well-documented).

As for the dion Gillard site you reference - the favicon in Firefox is a the same Notes one that you use

2. Richard Schwartz01/12/2006 08:27:50 PM

Good catch on the favicon, Bernard! I hadn't noticed that.

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