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03:46:42 PM

I've already had a couple of inquiries about the buttons I mentioned in the previous post. This was something I suggested to John Bergland, who was the leader of the RedPaper team that I was on. There's always a RedBooks booth at Lotusphere, and there are always quite a few authors present. I thought it would be a neat idea to give authors a way to self-identify, and to promote the RedBooks simultaneously. John agreed, and he took the idea and ran with it. He sent me preliminary graphics a few days ago, and that's the image that I posted.

So, if you've been part of a RedBook or RedPaper residency team recently, you should be able to get a button at Lotusphere. How? Well... I'm not going to be distributing them, so I'm not exactly sure... but I presume that dropping by the RedBooks booth (or maybe just running into one of the RedBook team leaders) would probably be a good way.

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