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08:23:10 AM

Yeah, I know my CSS has problems. Depending on your browser and your window size, the left or right sidebar may overlap the main text. Having not had the timd to fix it or re-do it, I've implemented a kludge. At the top of the right sidebar, in red, there is now a "Close Sidebars" hotspot.

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1. Christopher Byrne01/18/2006 10:42:57 AM

Now you just need a button to reopen them?

Good job on the new redbook. I need to download it and read it more deeply. How much, if at all, do you delve into DB2 security issues?

2. Richard Schwartz01/18/2006 01:09:19 PM

I don't believe that DB2 was on the radar screen for this book. At least it never came up during any of the content discussions that I participated in.

I was thinking about doing a button to restore the sidebars, but where would I put it? If I put it in the space where the sidebars were, it may do the same thing that the sidebars were doing (i.e., overlapping the main content in some browsers at some window sizes), which kind of negates the purpose of getting rid of the sidebars..

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